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The Paranormal Zone

The Paranormal Zone (Seasons 1, 2 & 3) has gone regional on Syfy Asia. NBCU’s Syfy Channel is also co-producing Season 4 in 2016!

Would you like to have an out of body experience? Do you want to witness an exorcism? Are you brave enough to visit one of Jakarta’s most haunted places and one of Malaysia’s most haunted towns? 

In Season 4 of The Paranormal Zone, daredevil host Li Kim will take you on a fascinating journey where you will get to experience all these and so much more!  

Sit tight as Li Kim and her team objectively investigate classified, strange and unexplainable phenomena across Asia. This documentary provides the public with scientific, mystical and academic perspectives on haunting, regression, ghosts and spirits, trances and local myths. In the course of her journey, the inquisitive Li Kim speaks to practitioners, enthusiasts, believers and skeptics to learn more about their encounters. Backed by genuine case studies and live experiments, the show gives the audience a deeper understanding into the world of the unknown.  

After three riveting seasons of paranormal experiences, Li Kim returns for a fourth season with even more spine-chilling and nail-biting encounters. Season 4 starts off with Li Kim exploring lucid dreaming, astral projection and out of body experiences before heading off to Taiwan to investigate Lady Ghosts – the spirits of unmarried women. 

Her next stop is the bustling city of Jakarta where she meets with prominent shamans who use their powers for commercial ventures before exploring the Jeruk Purut Cemetery, one of Jakarta’s most haunted places. She also visits two museums where she is drawn to two extraordinary dolls and sets to discover the legends behind them. 

Also in this spellbinding season, Li Kim delves the various forms of protection against evil that people use, discovers how black magic is used and explores a small town in Malaysia that is famous for its numerous terrifying tales. 

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全新第四季的《超自然象限》,勇敢無懼的主持人Li Kim將進行一趟前所未有,引人入勝的超自然旅程,絕對超乎你的想像和期待。

Li Kim和節目團隊將前往亞洲各地客觀調查各類無法解釋、怪誕離奇的超自然現象事件。本紀實探索節目以科學、神秘學和學術觀點來深入探討鬧鬼、前世輪迴、鬼魂幽靈、降靈附身和各地神秘傳說,調查過程與結果完整呈現給觀眾。在探索過程裡,勇於發問的Li Kim訪問這些儀式執行者、熱衷者、相信和抱持懷疑的人,了解他們的遭遇。節目以真實案例研究和實際實驗為主題,帶領觀眾深入了解這混沌未明的超自然世界。

在接連三季的超自然經歷後,最新第四季Li Kim帶著更令人毛骨悚然、坐立難安的體驗重返登場。本季一開始她將探查「清醒夢」、「靈魂出竅」等體驗,接著到台灣探訪「姑娘廟」─祭祀未婚女子鬼魂的廟宇。

之後下一站她到印尼雅加達市區與薩滿教巫師碰面,了解他們使用法力換取商業利益的情況,然後拜訪雅加達最知名的鬧鬼景點─Jeruk Purut墓園。此外前往兩家博物館,參觀兩個非比尋常的娃娃,聆聽其背後的傳奇故事。

最後在這不思議的一季,Li Kim調查了各種民眾對抗惡靈的防護方式與黑魔法,以及到馬來西亞,探訪一個以充滿駭人故事而出名的小鎮

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